Christian Soldiers To Remember

thou shalt remember

During Memorial Day, Americans have an opportunity, and responsibility to remember the soldiers of every branch of service who gave of themselves, but who are now passed away.  These men and woman are looked upon with admiration because of what they did for a right cause. 

As Christians, the word of God shows us several other names of people that were soldiers, or “good soldiers of Jesus Christ.” They, also, are to be looked upon with great admiration for what they did for the greatest cause – the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven.  Whether in the Old Testament times, or the New Testatment times, these faith-filled men and women obeyed the Lord, and did what thier God asked of them to do. 

Take time this week, and read, and remember some of these soldiers of the Lord. 

Hebrews 11;  II Samuel 23;  Luke 6:13-16;  Luke 1;  Matthew 1

S. Borner – Pastor