“till I know what God will do for me”

          I Samuel 22:1-5…Here is a story of David.  It is the time of his life where, though he was anointed to be the next king of Israel, Saul the current king, was out to kill him.  Saul wanted his son to reign, but God had given the throne to David instead.

          David had been on his own for quite some time and had been in the land of the Philistines (Israel’s enemy).  But now he comes to his home land area, to a cave system near Bethlehem.  Eventually, his family finds out that he is hiding near them and they go out to see him.  But not only do they show up, about 400 men come out to join him – as his army of sorts.

          This must have been a great comfort to know, others were there in support of him, and there to help him.  When you are down, when you are discouraged, it is a blessing to know there are family and friends who support you, and want to assist you.

          Well, David fears for the lives of his family and so takes them to the king of Moab, and ask for him to care for them, and protect them while Saul continues trying to take his life.  I imagine he doesn’t want Saul to kill his family, or use them as a bargaining chip against him.  And so, to the King of Moab, David makes an amazing statement that we read here in this passage.  Vs. 3….till I know what God will do for me.

David said: “Till”

He didn’t know how long he was going to have to hold on and keep going.  He didn’t know how long he would be running for his life, but he was prepared to wait on God. “Till” I know what God will do for me.

David said: “What”

He didn’t know what God was going to do, he didn’t understand all of what was happening nor fully why it was happening. He was just waiting on the Lord to see what he would do.  “till I know What God will do for me.”

David said: “will do for ME”

David didn’t know what God was going to do, but he was confident that God would do something for him. This is faith that we see here, and faith in God, not just faith in life or self.  He knew God would do something, though at this moment he didn’t know what it would be.

Here is a man who doesn’t know what tomorrow holds, he doesn’t know how he will get out of this mess, he doesn’t know if things will get easier tomorrow, he doesn’t know when God’s plan for him will begin, he doesn’t know if his prayers will be answered soon, he doesn’t know what or when, or how.   But David trusts the Lord, and he says…   “till I know what God will do for ME

          Sometimes, this is what we must be able to do.  To look up to heaven and say, “Okay Lord, I will wait on you and see what you will do for me.”  It may not be easy, it may not come soon, it may be out of my control, but I will wait to see what you will do for me – for I know you will, in your perfect time.

S. Borner – Pastor